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Imagine a land where the weather is warm and the food is clean, yet spicy.  Imagine a place, with diverse landscapes that swap between lush rainforests, tropical beaches and arid plains. Imagine a wild land, where elephants and leopards roam, and blue whales dive. Sounds like a veritable paradise right? Well, there is such a place; it’s called Sri Lanka, and it’s known as ‘the pearl of the Indian ocean.’ We’re diving right on in. 

Who’s been spotted there?

Sri Lanka is being described as the world’s new five-star destination, and celebrities have started to trickle over to the island. A-listers Diana Kruger and Angelina Jolie have both visited the emerald isle. We suspect a lot more are going to visit over the coming years. 

Where to sleep?

From Buddhist ruins, to colonial villas; evidence of Sri Lanka’s history is everywhere – even in the island’s beautiful boutique hotels. Don’t believe us? Judge for yourself…

Hillside hideaways (Trilanka):  

Romantic retreats (Paradise Road):  

Colonial living (Elephant Stables):

Where to find the best coffee?

Kopi Kade translates to ‘Coffee Shop’ in Sinhalese. It’s also the name of a café in Colombo that serves some of the best brew you’ll ever taste (big call, we know). They also have a number of dishes that go down well. Fair warning, they open at 12 though; meaning it’s great for an early lunch, or VERY late breakfast.  

Where to play?

It would seem remiss to go to this wild country, and not do a nature safari. It’s the best, and safest, way to take in the country’s elephants, monkeys, sloth bears, and numerous jewelled birds. If you’re lucky you may even spot the elusive leopard. 

Where to shop?

Odel, a department store in Colombo, has become an essential part of the island’s shopping scene. With its arched entrances and chic white walls, the centre pays homage to the island’s colonial architecture. But it’s the diverse selection of clothes, jewellery and perfume that keeps people coming back for more.  

Where to eat, and drink?

If you like your seafood Ministry of Crab is the place for you. While the restaurant is worth visiting for its name alone, it’s one of the island’s best seafood joints. In fact, this year it was listed as one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. Not bad right? 

Set in a preserved 400-year-old Dutch hospital, the restaurant pays its respects to the Sri Lankan crab. Their delicious signature dishes include, Chilli Crab, Pepper Crab and Baked Crab, but they also do a wicked Small Island Iced Tea! Bookings are essential. 

Where to swim?

Located on the south-west coast, Weligama Beach is one luxurious spot. Its pristine waters are made for snorkelling and surfing, as it is guarded by a shallow coral reef. After you’ve soaked up the sun you can wander up to the lively fishing village, and main settlement, to eat your fill. Sounds like paradise to us!  

What to wear?

Blend in with the vibrant colours of Sri Lanka, here are our favourite picks...

Sri Lanka resort style: Terry Cloth Swimsuit - Zingiber; Skirt - Proenza Schouler; Earrings - Marte Frisnes; Necklace - Marc Alary; Bag - Wai Wai; Sunglasses - Fendi

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  • Post author
    Zizi (Zingiber travel guru)

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